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Added features Enhanced Improvement Ideas, New Reaction Planning and complete Infrastructure Updates!
New! A great tool just got better. Seamlessly switch LPA Admin among seven different languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and now Czech!
View a demo online to see how LPA Admin can help manage layered audits at your facility.
Insight Lean Solutions also provides training for companies that want to implement effective Layered Process Audit system.

LayeredProcessAudits.com; Information about Layered Process Auditing

Insight Lean Solutions for your LPA implementation and coaching needs
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Company Profile
The Insight Lean Solutions team combines decades of manufacturing experience with decades of software design and development experience. Insight was formed in 2004 by co-founders Jerry L. Yoder and Corey Alguire to develop and market computer software designed to reduce waste in the administrative processes and activities of businesses. Insight then set out with two common goals in mind: to provide customers a competitive advantage through easy-to-use technology-based solutions, and to apply the philosophy of Lean business practices across entire organizations.

To support our goal of providing high-quality management software, we assemble development teams that provide the right skill sets at the right time. Insight faces each new challenge with teams of highly skilled developers who have decades of experience. We use the latest tools and techniques to provide advanced solutions in proven technologies. Our focus and flexibility help us provide features and functionality as they are needed.

By providing software built on the Application Service Provider model, our customers have little or no internal technical costs or requirements. Software upgrades and enhancements are available instantly for all customers at no extra charge. There are no complex licensing agreements, very broad minimum system specifications, and no special infrastructure requirements. If you can get to the internet, you can use our software.

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